My guess is most people visiting this site probably don’t have a problem convincing their kids to get outside and wet a line every once in a while. But too many kids in this country never experience a day on the water. Children in the US have a serious Internet, TV, iPod, and video game affliction. It’s also compromising their health, leading to childhood obesity, behavior disorders, and even mental illness.


A bill currently being considered by the House Education and Labor Committee is aiming to change that by reworking the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) to include a bill called No Child Left Inside or NCLI.

This bill is described in a Trout Unlimited action letter like this: “NCLI is a bill that would promote environmental education, outdoor activities, and science-based experientiallearning as part of the national educational curriculum.”

The four cornerstones of the Act would include:

1. Funding to train teachers to deliver high quality Environmental Education and utilize the local environment as an extension of the classroom.

2. Incentives for states to develop State Environmental Literacy Plans to insure that every student is prepared to understand the environmental challenges of the future.

3. Encouragement for teachers, administrators, and school systems to make time and resources available for environmental education for all students.

4. Environmental Education will be integrated across core subject areas.

This sounds like a damn good idea to me. More kids outside ultimately means more kids fishing and that’s never a bad thing. If you want to voice your support click here and take action by sending a letter via TU to the House Education and Labor Committee today.