So a few hours ago I pull into Paris, Tennessee, and am greeted by the sign below. Even though nearby Kentucky Lake is calling my name, I’m here on non-fishing business. Yet it seems that wherever I go, I can find some fishing oddity…or maybe it finds me. Only this time I was exactly one week late for this 7-day event where over 13,000 pounds of fish are cooked, 100,000 people attend, and parades, rodeos, and arts and crafts abound. What have I done to deserve missing such a party? Oh, cruel fate.


Here are some of the wonders I could have seen: the pageant to crown the 2010 Fish Fry Queen, catfish races, a hush puppy eating contest, and the Hush Puppy Dash…whatever that may be. If you want to learn more about the world’s biggest fish fry, just head on over to the World’s Biggest Fish Fry website.

Aside from the annual NJ Shad Festival (which pales in comparison to the Tennessee extravaganza), not many Mardi Gras-esque festivities in honor of gamefish occur in the Northeast. How about where you live? Anyone ever been the the World’s Biggest Fish Fry? – JC