In the comment section of my last post featuring Captain Quint and Heidi Montag, a few of you asked if we could “stop the stupid model stuff” and “get back to fishing.” Sure, but it has to wait until tomorrow because I’ve got a huge favor to ask the loyal Honest Angler readers today. Come to find out my video series, “Hook Shots,” is a finalist in the Travel & Adventure category of this year’s Webby Awards (kind of the Internet Oscars), along with Vice and National Geographic. And you, my friends, can help it win the People’s Voice Award, thus proving that fishing is more entertaining than all other subject matter.

Here’s the deal: Just click here, register, and vote for “Hook Shots.” I know, I know registering for stuff is a pain, but I promise it’ll only take a few minutes and you will achieve instant coolness by voting for the only punk-rock fishing show on the web. Trust me, you will exude awesome for at least the rest of the day.

Below you can watch the teaser that we submitted for nomination, which pretty much sums up what the show is all about. I can’t thank all the readers on this site enough for tuning in. Filming these is one of the most fun things I’ve ever done…and together we can make “Hook Shots” dominate the Webbys. You all rock — JC