Fly Fishing photo
Fly Fishing photo


It snowed four inches where I live in Colorado last night, so my mind is already wandering off toward the Bahamas. I got to thinking about rum punches with little paper umbrellas, and how good they taste after a day on the flats. Then I started thinking about the perfect after-fishing drink combinations, and I decided that some drinks are best matched to a certain species, times, and/or places…

After a day of bonefishing on the flats… Cuba Libre (rum & coke)… an easy choice.

After a hot day on a trout river… ice cold Root Beer… Try it before you doubt me.

After a freezing cold morning on a steelhead river… half coffee, half hot chocolate, in big ceramic mug.

After a hot evening of bass fishing… Bud Light Lime, ’nuff said.

After a day of bluewater fishing for tuna… Mojito, easy on the mint.

After a humid day on the tarpon flats… Coca-Cola, but not any Coca- Cola, Mexican Coca-Cola, made with sugar, in a glass bottle that’s been packed in ice all day.

What am I missing here? Give me a great fish-drink combo, and I”ll buy the first round if ever we fish together. All you under-21s, stick with the legal stuff… and everyone, please fish responsibly.