Every year prior to the ICAST Show, Berkley sends me a little care package with some sneak-peek samples of their 2011 releases. This year, a lot of it is from their Gulp! line. I enjoy getting this box very much, because I must say I’m always intrigued by the stuff they come up with. As an example, at first glance I thought this was a pack of Gulp! nightcrawlers. They look natural and even have a two-tone pattern. But nope. These are “shad guts” in the “bloody guts” color. If I were to jump into bait design, I’d like to work for Berkley. They must really have fun coming up with this stuff.


So I started thinking about some other baits that could be “Gulp-ified.” Truthfully, this line expands so rapidly, I wouldn’t be shocked to see some come down the pike. And speaking of pike (or musky), how about Gulp! ducklings or baby squirrels? Maybe Gulp! mice for big old brown trout. If they made a life-size menhaden head, I’d try it.

Berkley is even making Gulp! corn kernels these days. As for whether I’m a fan of this stuff, I am, but I tend to use it situationally. So is there a bait out there you’d like to see molded into Gulp! Let’s get creative. What are they missing? – JC