Perhaps you caught yesterday’s guest post by F&S Editorial Assistant Ashley Day. In it, she describes her first-ever fish fight with a couple giant bluefish on my boat. What she did not know at the time was that she was also testing the latest in braided line technology. People say a lot of negative things about bluefish, but when it comes to gauging just how tough tackle really is, I find monster blues to be ideal test subjects. They have teeth and they pull hard. Last Friday, I pitted a big school of 15-pounders against Sufix’s new 832 Advanced Superline in 20-pound-test.

832 is formed with an 8-fiber weave. According to my buddy Dave James at Sufix, the weaving process is so technical, it takes more than a minute to spin one foot of the stuff. That’s over 8 hours to make a 150-yard spool. But the real advance is that 832 incorporates Gore fibers. You know that Gore-Tex jacket you have that never absorbs water? The one the raindrops bead on and roll off? Yeah, that’s the same Gore in this line, which helps reduce water-logging and keeps the braid slick and dry.

The Gore fiber, however, is more for added strength and abrasion resistance, and during our bluefish battles, this line got rubbed. Blues ran under the boat and rubbed the hull. Around the engine and rubbed the skeg. One even wrapped my prop. The fish fought free, but the line never broke. Now, does this all mean 832 is unbreakable? Of course not, but I was damn impressed with the beating it took. Anyone who’s ever been in a bluefish blitz knows those buggers are hell on your gear. This line also casts beautifully, and unlike some other braids, Dave tells me it loosens up and gets better with age. The fine wine of braided lines.

So what about the price? It’s only going to cost a couple bucks more than average braid, with 150-yard spools running $20 to $22, and 300-yard spools somewhere in the $36 to $40 range. Right now, Sufix plans to release everything from 10- to 80-pound test. Look for 832 on shelves near you in mid-December.

And just remember…you saw it here first. – JC