Most fishing tournaments are catch-and-release, and you’re forced to grab a burger somewhere after it’s over. Here’s one, however, that fosters the natural progression from the water to the table: a catch-and-cook fishing contest.

From this story on Savannah Now:
A fishing tournament is one thing; a cooking tournament is another; but a “Catch and Cook” Fishing Tournament combines two entirely different goals, where competitors attempt not only to catch the biggest and best fish but also create the tastiest dishes for a panel of judges. Presented by the Coffee Bluff Marina, the inaugural “Catch and Cook” Fishing Tournament is an open, team event for anyone interested in displaying their combined interests in fishing and cooking. The fishing portion of the tournament will be held Saturday, with a cooking tournament set for Sunday.

“It’s a tournament that’s trying to not only get a trophy on how many fish you catch or how much they weigh but also on the way the fish are cooked and how they taste,” said Ray Golden, owner and operator of Coffee Bluff Marina. Teams will earn points according to the weights and types of fish caught from Saturday. On Sunday, the fish must be prepared at the marina, and a panel of judges will award points based on the originality and taste for each species of fish caught during the tournament. “You’re awarded for each pound of fish you catch, and you can work solo or in a team. You have to bring the fish that you caught back to the marina the next day, already cleaned and ready to cook. They will cook it in front of our judges,” Golden said. “It’s designed to make sure the team that catches the fish also has to cook them.”

Foodie culture has never been more popular, so is the future of fishing tournaments? Let’s take it one step further and organize a celebrity television chef catch-and-cook tournament. Who would your money be on? I’m going all in on Anthony Bourdain…