Not long ago, I posted about an Oregon lure designer customizing Kwikfish with some killer (and productive) paint jobs. I hinted that adding subtle touches to your own lures isn’t a bad idea. Then lo and behold, a good buddy sends me info on the lure below made by Hawaii-based Pili. The bodies are made of an absorbent urethane–kind of like skateboard wheels–and soak in the color from permanent markers, making your custom pattern, well, permanent. My question is, do you see this as a useful angling tool, or kid’s art project?


I’m not so much interested in whether the design of the body will catch fish, but am genuinely curious as to whether this is something you might buy for the chance to get artsy. The way I see it, there is a difference between painting stripes on a black plug, or adding glitter to a spinner blade, and taking markers to a white lure. Anglers I know who tweak lures do so because of observations they’ve made about baitfish in their area, or frequent water conditions in a favorite spot. They recognize that their baits just needed a little somethin,’ somethin’ extra to match this or that.

Marker ink doesn’t flash or reflect, and I’m guessing the absorbtion would cause a minor loss of vibrance, though that’s not to say a creative person with a good set of Sharpies couldn’t come up with a wicked color scheme. It’s also not to say that this isn’t a good way to get kids involved in fishing. Kits start at $6, so the price is right.

You tell me: Something that you think may actually catch you more fish, or something that will catch you no more than a marker ink buzz? – JC