I snagged this photo, and the idea for this post, from the Australia-based “Fishing World Blog.” There are millions of lure articles out there, but I’ve never read one like author Sami Omari’s, which discusses lures that ain’t worth a lick. In the post, Omari talks about a box of lures “hidden away in a dark corner or a storage compartment somewhere on my boat…lures that are rarely swum and cursed at every sighting.” I had to laugh at this because I can totally relate. We all have those lures or flies that we really want to work…but they just don’t.


Now, I’m not going to name names, but two such lures come to mind.

The first is a full-size menhaden lure designed for slow-trolling stripers. I fell madly in love with it and had drool-filled dreams about the cows it would catch come spring. I have probably pulled it 10,000 miles by now. Swims great. Never caught me a single fish, yet it looks so juicy I can’t get away from it. I want it to work soooo bad.

The second is a soft-plastic crawfish imitation. Rig that puppy up and it dances and flails really sexy-like on the fall. Short-hop it across the bottom and damn if it doesn’t look scrumptious and realistic. I am convinced one day it’ll land me the smallie of a lifetime, but to date, I’ve caught exactly one bass on it.

I realize that conditions, location, and delivery all factor into the equation, but I’m sure you know where I’m coming from. Who has a lure or two that dead-to-rights you know should work, yet always seems to disappoint? – JC