A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I’m afraid of widths. – Comedian Steven Wright

Pictured below is the F2 Shakalicious Worm, the latest creation from YUM. These baits fall into the popular mass of plastics designed for the Shaky Head presentation. I’m going to go ahead and rope the Shakalicious into the “creature” category, too. But the difference between this and other creatures is that it’s a skinny little thing. This poses a question of durability.


The reason I’ve labeled this post “Part 1” is that I’ll be smallmouth fishing the next 3 days and am eager to give these worms a try. I’m intrigued by the design, though I worry that the thin diameter at the joint of the ribbed and smooth body sections is going to break in short order. YUM makes a pretty tough bait, but we’ll see how she flies. The skirted end is the head, though they tell you to try rigging it from either side.

All in all, I have mixed reviews about creature baits. I understand the appeal to both anglers and fish, though I have not noticed my personal catches soaring with these patterns that look like a crawfish mated with a scorpion that mated with a dragonfly wearing a grass skirt. I’ll let you know how the Shakalicious stands up, but in the meantime, tell me what you think. Good design? Skeptical? Where do you stand on “creatures?” – JC