You probably noticed a few changes to the F&S website. While I know the most jarring and obvious is my mug up in the corner with Merwin (colleagues have told me I look like the Uni-Bomber), there’s way more to it than that. So today, I will stray from my normal fish ramblings to bring the Honest Angler readers up to speed.

The short version is that this site is now all about you guys. We need your interaction to make it work, and I think between the staff who will be all over this site like I am and you out there in Internet land, we can make F&S the most kick-ass online outdoor community there ever was.

On top of our usual blog roll, you’ll also find three new message boards where you can talk fishing 24/7. Perhaps the biggest change is that you can register yourself (for free) on the site, create a profile and even add the icon of your choice. The more you post around the site, the more points you get, which translates into potential free gear and other cool stuff down the road. So I want to see all our regulars and all the newbies scoping out our new digs with killer catch photos attached to your handles. It takes about 30 seconds to register. Click here to sign up.

Other fun and useful additions that I know some of you will be all over is our Answers Tool, because let’s face it, we fishermen love nothing more than telling others how good of fishermen we are. And finally, there’s the Trophy Room, where you can upload all your fish shots directly to the site and your profile.

Lastly, my day-to-day work here is on this site, so if you see any problems, anything you think should be changed, or if you just want to tell me to quit talking about the site and get back to fishing, email me directly.


We’ve put a lot of hard work into our new site and we hope you enjoy it. If you don’t, tell us. But I warn you: for every negative comment I get, I jab the intern with a hand gaff. You don’t want that on your conscience do you?