Carp Fishing photo
Dogfish Flag

While surfing the web the other day, I stumbled across a bit of pure genius. Operating under the slogan “Looks Like Crap, Tastes Like Chicken” is a new website called What you’ll find is a site dedicated to catching, cooking, and being generally unashamed of chasing species like dogfish, skate, and sea robins…a.k.a. “trash fish.” They’re even selling catch flags with these species emblazoned upon them.

Here’s a quote from their site: “Tired of seeing that 52′ sportfisher pull into his slip, flying a quiver of brag flags? You know the ones, the yellowfin tuna flag, the mahi flag, the white marlin flag, etc. Well we don’t catch those fish, so we don’t make those flags!”

I can really get behind this effort, because truthfully, your Joe-average weekend angler doesn’t catch any of those fish either, but damn if he doesn’t reel in loads of dogfish on the $3 eels he’s dropping for stripers. I would proudly fly a garbage fish flag on my boat. I catch more than my share.

The site is in fledgling stages, so info and photos are lacking a bit, but I do think this site needs to branch out into sweetwater. What fish would have to be on their stickers for you to slap one on your truck? It’s suckers and creek chubs for me, but I bet you’ve got other ideas.