It’s pretty hard to avoid the Super Bowl, even though I’m not a wild-eyed sports fan. So I’ll be glued to the television set this Sunday like millions of others. But I’ll also have a fishing something in hand.

The mute button on our remote gets a pretty good workout through all the commentary that surrounds the actual game. While that’s going on I’ll be practicing a couple of fishing knots. I’ve already put a spool of mono, some paperclips, and a pair of clippers on the living room table.

Next I have to decide who to root for. The Cardinals, I think. First, because Kurt Warner is an older guy (as quarterbacks go), and I usually try to root for the old guys. Second, because the Cards are definite underdogs. I like underdogs.

So I’m calling it for the Cardinals by 7 points. Larry Fitzgerald will make the difference. What’s your take?