Merwin: Gulp! Gulping?

So Berkley’s Gulp! and Gulp! Alive! biodegradable and heavily scented soft baits have gotten a big marketing push from that company over the past couple of years. But I’m wondering more about what’s happening among anglers. Merwin: Gulp! Gulping?Are you guys using any of this stuff? If so, in what circumstances and how well does it work? I’ve tried Gulp! Trout Dough a few times with excellent results, although I’m more often flyfishing for trout than baiting them. And the Gulp! Alive! minnows that come in a plastic tub full of liquid scent have done well for me when fished under a slip bobber as I would live minnows for bass. A couple of years ago I had a long talk with Ron Kliegl and John Prochnow at Berkley’s headquarters in Spirit Lake, Iowa. They are the product development/design guys. It seems that so far Gulp! is more popular among saltwater fishermen because those anglers use Gulp! as a substitute for natural baits. In freshwater, where bass anglers might use Gulp! worms as a substitute for more-common plastic worms or other lures, the product is apparently not as well received. So what do you think? Are your local fish gulping this stuff, or haven’t you bothered to try?