John Merwin

Everybody’s got an old favorite lure, one they enjoy fishing because of the memories or because it just plain works or both. Here’s one of mine: the mighty Jitterbug, a classic bass plug if there ever was one. It burbles and gurgles cheerfully across the surface of a pond, and bass just smash the hell out of it. This one’s kind of beat-up, and I guess I’ll put new hooks on it over the winter.

There are a few of these sorts of classic bass lures still being made under vintage brands such as Heddon, Arbogast, Creek Chub, and more. Many old-time brands are owned by Pradco, and you can find them here. The ancient Zara Spook design is even now one of the greatest topwaters ever made, and I still have a lot of fun tossing a Tiny Torpedo for smallmouths in the spring.

So I’m curious to know if any of you are still fishing the classics, or have you all switched over to the latest holographic whizz-bang?