No matter how serious a fisherman you are, lulls in the action will sometimes get the better of you. Or, more often, they’ll get the better of your fishing buddies. I’m talking about on-the-water goofs. Pranks. Evil plans to liven up a slow day, get revenge, or just be a jerk for the sake of a laugh. The old rear handle tap is a classic and easy to execute. It’s illustrated beautifully in the clip below.

My worst offense? I once stealthily snipped the hook off a friend’s Muddler Minnow while he was tying his wading boots. It took 45 minutes of trout slamming the fly without a single connection for him to figure it out. He wasn’t happy. I also love when rookies come trolling offshore and you initiate them with a “screamer.” Just drop out the lever-drag and off goes the reel clicker. You hand them the rod, and since many newbies (non-fisher folk) don’t realize the drag is so loose, they’ll reel forever while I insist the fish is just so big it won’t stop taking line. The trick to this is acting frantic and yelling with excitement. They’re so pumped they won’t take the time to realize there’s no weight on the rod.

So what kind of torment and torture have you put your fishing pals through (or have they put you through)? I need some ideas for this coming season.


PS…check the comments on my last blog to find out who won the lure for shark ID.