Trout Fishing photo

Mr. Petzal over at the Gun Nut blog is a huge fan of western movies and posts about them frequently. I thought maybe it was time to look at fishing in films and figure out the best of the best. Granted, “fishing” is hardly a movie genre, but it pops up enough to warrant a list of top scenes. Here are my picks. Unfortunately, while YouTube has videos of babies dancing to “Thriller” on top of Mount Everest, they did not have clips of all these scenes.

Jaws – “Put your gloves on”: Hands down the best fishing scene ever. Quint yanks on that old Fenwick and cranks the giant Penn Senator, then when they lose the fish, he tells Hooper that no marlin or stingray could have “bit through that piano wire.”

A River Runs Through It – Paul Maclean’s Swim: Man, just a killer scene. Old school bamboo-rod fly fishing, a perfect cast, and an epic fight with a giant trout.

Funny Farm – Snake Attack: If you didn’t crack up the first time you saw this, something’s not right. I can relate to Chevy Chase in this clip, because I did actually hook into a giant water snake one time that scared the hell out of me. It ate a Mister Twister.

Honorable Mentions:

  • You gotta love the scene in “Son In Law” where Pauly Shore is fishing with an upside-down fly rod.
  • Yeah, it’s commercial fishing, but the whole Flemish Cap scene in “The Perfect Storm” rocks hard!
  • Paul Hogan dynamite fishing in New York Harbor in the beginning of “Crocodile Dundee II” deserves a nod.
  • Anything with Burt Reynolds is automatically cool, but it’s even cooler when he shoots a trout with a bow in “Deliverance.”
  • And let’s not forget Tom Hanks reeling up a hammerhead shark that roars like a lion in “Joe Versus The Volcano”

I know there’s more great one’s than these. Tell me what I missed.