So you’re standing in a lovely pool, peacefully casting to a rising trout. Suddenly some guy wades out 10 feet downstream from your position, where he starts blithely casting and chatting at you over his shoulder. Congratulations. You’ve just been mugged on the water.

It happens in lakes, too. Using your bow-mount electric motor, you’re sliding quietly toward a calm point where you’ll cast for bass. Suddenly there’s a roar. Some guy in a big Ranger comes in to the point 100 feet ahead of you, stops, makes 3 casts, and then goes roaring off again.

Then there’s the surf, where more than once I’ve had sudden and unwanted neighbors appear at my shoulder, casting over my line and wanting to know if I’ve caught anything yet.

These sorts of things are happening more often, or so it seems to me. So what to do? Shoot the guy? Throw rocks? Yell? Or just move quietly away while being totally pissed off?