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Sometimes I have the happy occasion of testing a bunch of different baitcasting reels, which includes testing the drags. The last time I did this, things got a little crazy.

My fishing buddy Bruce Bowlen and I stood on the dock at a local lake. We adjusted reel drags and then tied our lines to the back of another friend’s big Ranger bass boat. My wife was lying on the boat’s back deck to take photos. Then Ed, our bass boat friend, gunned the big Evinrude like a dragster taking off.

The reel drags actually stood the test okay. It’s hard to find a reel with a really bad drag system these days. For the rest of us, it was a different story. My wife refused to make a second run, having had too much excitement the first time.

Then all of us agreed the whole scene just might be too violent to be a good idea. Anybody else want to play?