Here’s proof that anything goes on the Internet these days. is a straight-up dating site for those looking to connect with outdoorsmen and women. Initially I thought, “hey, not a bad idea.”

But if you’re looking for love, you’ll have plenty of competition. There are just over 1,200 registered dudes on the site and 57 ladies. That’s 22 guys for every girl. Only 9 of the women have a photo posted with their profile…some of which get at least an NC-17 rating. I also found a profile from a lady that wrote she is “just trying to figure out why my husband got an email update from this site.” Oops! Sucks to be you, man!

All kidding aside, this site sparks a question: Does your wife/girlfriend/fiancee fish as passionatley as you do? And if not, do you want her to? My fiancee enjoys fishing on the boat or surf a couple times in the summer when we leave the dock at 9 or so, because lulls in the action mean getting a tan. But as far as getting up at 4 a.m. in the cold fall, no way. Frankly, I’m cool with that. Fishing is my thing, and she has her hobbies.

And honey, if you’re reading this, I was checking out that site for pure research purposes.