Bass Fishing photo

Regardless of how ridiculous something seems if there’s a chance it’ll catch fish bass anglers will try it (wacky worm, anyone?). We have no shame. If you tell me wearing a clown suit will generate bites I’ll happily show up at the ramp dressed like Ho Ho.

Which makes this story particularly interesting:

Bass Fishing photo


Debbie Marsh doesn’t mind being called “The Turtle Lady”…

Lately though, the animal getting the most attention at Mama’s Turtle Haven is a fish – a very talented fish named Bruce. “He’s just amazed everybody that has seen him,” says Marsh. Last summer, the large-mouth bass was caught in a pond at Debbie’s father’s house in Tuscumbia. When she and her husband brought it home, the fish was still alive, and she couldn’t bear to kill it. After that, a pond in the family’s living room became Bruce’s new home. Marsh pets Bruce and has trained him to do some pretty interesting things, like swim in a circle. However, Bruce’s best talent is jumping. “Come on, get your food,” says Marsh. At the command, the four-pound bass springs into the air to grab a piece of bread and lands in the water, making a big splash.

Now owning 300 turtles is kinda weird, but keeping a bass pond in your living room? Well, that’s just cool. But what really piqued my interest is what she feeds it. Bread. I see a whole new world of possibility opening up here. Why shell out the dough for a hard plastic bait when you can spend chump change for a package of real dough that obviously works just as well? Seriously, look at say, a Zara Spook. Now look at that package of breadsticks in your pantry. See the resemblance? Anybody up for some bread-based bait ideas? I’m working on a pretzel popper as we speak…