Crappie Fishing photo

From the Rochester Post-Bulletin:

_Whether it’s Miss Muskie, Miss Sunfish, or Miss Crappie, if you happen to catch a Lakemaid this fishing season, you won’t want to throw it back.

_While most people . . . have no idea what a Lakemaid is, in this reference, it’s a seasonal beer launched by the Rapala fishing lures company and Minnesota’s own Schell’s Brewery in New Ulm.

_The beer was first created last year and due to its success, will be sold for a limited time again this year throughout Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and a few other states. . . .

_[A] portion of the proceeds from Lakemaid sales go directly to the International Game Fish Association, to help with conservation efforts and gamefish research.

What do you think, does a Miss Walleye sound refreshing to you?