Today, I found this video of Irene Long, who is 91-years-old, giving a fishing lesson to the Minnesota Senate Commitee. Irene only began fishing in her 80s, and wants the state to grant free fishing licenses to anyone over 90 years old. I say if you make it to 90 and still have the stamina to fish, you should get a free Ranger bass boat.

What’s funny about this is that Irene recounts almost every fish she’s ever caught to the committee, which I am sure had more important matters to hear that day. She also provides photos of her catches, which include some bruiser muskies I’d kill to hook. Irene fishes with her mailman, who she pays in homemade fudge for taking her out.

In usual Fish & Wildlife fashion, the first question at the end of all this is, “how much money will the state lose if they give free licenses to 90-year-olds?” The answer was about $16,000. At this time, the bill is still being considered. I bet I know what will happen, though.

I will say that Irene’s case isn’t pled all that well. Her reasoning for this is that she and her friends love to go fishing, so they should get free licenses. Maybe a good compromise would be that anyone over 90 can pay for their license in fudge. So take a look at the video and tell me what you think. Does she deserve to win this one? If nothing else, I promise you’ll get a chuckle and be reminded of your own grandmas.

And Irene, come to NJ and I’ll take you out for tuna. I like walnuts in my fudge.