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I was still feeling a bit nostalgic after my last blog on magazines and memories, so I started digging around the Net for sites that cater to such urges when I stumbled across this website.

It’s basically a clearinghouse of information and history on great American products that have since gone on to that great department store in the sky. If you look around the site long enough I promise you’ll find something to jog some long-dormant youthful memory.

Case in point: all you children of the 70s, here’s what happened to our beloved Morton Honey Buns.

Unfortunately the site doesn’t list any great old outdoors companies or products (or at least any I could find) but it got me to thinking: what long-gone hunting and fishing brand names or products take you back? Since the seventies and eighties were my Halcyon Days, I groove to products endorsed by guys sporting lots of facial hair, butterfly collars and trucker hats, but it could be from any decade or time.

I’ll throw out the first one: The Lew’s Speed Stick. The late Lew Childre introduced a number of innovative products in the mid to late seventies, and the Speed Stick rod was one of them. In 1983 I saved enough birthday money to get a 5’6″ pistol-grip medium-heavy action Lew’s Speed Stick attached to a Shimano Bantam 100 and it was my worm, jig, spinnerbait, crankbait, topwater, pitching, flipping, catfishing, perching and everything else rod.

I don’t know exactly when the Speed Stick disappeared, but gone they are. If you want one now it’s garage sales, pawn shops, or Internet auction sites, and most of them are, to put it mildly, well-used. I’m still searching for a decent specimen to add to my collection.

Anybody else?