From the Connecticut Republican-American:

_A Goshen man was arrested Monday after police who were investigating a complaint of illegal turkey hunting came upon a marijuana farming operation. DEP spokesman Dennis Schain said Gary L. Hall and a second man were wearing camouflage when state Environmental Police officers came upon them in an isolated, wooded area near Everest Hill and Valley roads just after noon.

__A neighbor had spotted the pair and reported that they were illegally hunting turkey two days before the official season opens. Hall was quickly captured, but the second man, who remains at large, escaped. Officers also seized planting implements and a number of small marijuana plants ready for transplant. State police with tracking dogs assisted in the search and later gained a search warrant to search Hall’s home at 53 Park Road. There they found 240 additional plants, a large amount of cash and numerous firearms._

Glad to see the authorities put a lid on the “turkey hunters.” Kind of brings a new meaning to “pot call” doesn’t it?