From this story in the Boston Herald:
_A 41-year-old Porterville, Calif., man faces federal poaching charges after agents tied him to the alleged killing of a golden eagle and found several bird parts in a subsequent search of his home.

Kudura Clark entered a plea of not guilty this month on misdemeanor charges of unlawful possession of migratory birds and unlawful taking or possession of bald or golden eagles.

__On Nov. 7, 2007, according to a probable-cause statement in the Clark incident, state game wardens responded to a report of eagle poaching near Bakersfield. The wardens found Clark and another man, who had two rifles. A freshly killed golden eagle was nearby, with a 104-degree body temperature — consistent with a living eagle. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s forensic lab determined that the eagle had been shot with a rifle that matched the caliber of those in Clark’s possession, and also that blood found inside his vehicle matched that of the dead bird._