Water is the stuff of life and controversy in the arid west, and a proposed $9 billion pipeline that would siphon water from Wyoming to the ever-growing and ever-thirsty Colorado front range is drawing battle lines.


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_Environmentalists are working to stop a possible new water pipeline from Wyoming to Colorado. Water would come from the Flaming Gorge Reservoir and the Green River. The pipeline would span hundreds of miles across Wyoming, bringing water to the Front Range. An organization called save the Colorado River Campaign wants to keep this pipeline from going through.

The group has put up three billboards of the baron Colorado River to show the public what could happen to the Green River if the pipeline is built. Wockner says the pipeline would cost between seven and nine billion dollars, making it the most expensive water in Colorado’s history. He says instead of a pipeline, the state should pursue conservation and recycled water. Tomorrow, he says the Colorado’s Water Conservation Board will vote on whether to spend $150,000 on researching the Flaming Gorge pipeline option.