Turkey Hunting photo
leftover standwich
Take your leftovers to the next level. Travis Rathbone. Styling by Roscoe Betsill

You’re parked on the couch, falling into a food coma and looking forward to a hunt tomorrow. You’d better wake up early enough to spend some time in the kitchen, because inside the fridge are all the fixings you need to make the perfect field lunch. One that’s easy to fix. That’s compact, yet substantial. That requires no cleanup. The leftover sandwich—a meal so delicious it rivals Thursday’s main event.

First, the bread. This is the only part you need to buy specifically for the sandwich, so splurge on a good, crunchy loaf from a bakery and have it sliced thick. I like mine lightly toasted and slabbed with mayo. Next, the fixings. Pile some turkey on one slice. What follows depends on the leftovers you scored. To the other bread slice I usually smear layers of mashed potatoes, stuffing, and maybe some green bean casserole.

Finally, the secret ingredient: cranberry sauce. Homemade sauce will do, but I swear by the canned goods. I find the stuff addictively delicious, plus it makes practical sandwich sense because you can cut it into thin rounds–just as if you were slicing a tomato for a BLT. When you’re all set, join both halves, slightly flatten with a light smash, and wrap in foil.

Eat this in your treestand or inside a duck blind. Eat it on a stump in the grouse woods or with your back against a fence in a pheasant field. Share it with your daughter on the back of your truck. This sandwich will taste good anywhere. With so many leftovers in the fridge, it’ll taste good when you make it again tomorrow. And again the day after that. —Colin Kearns