With deer season still months away, what’s a whitetail nut to do? You can work on food plots, of course, or hang some spring stands, but that’s nothing but work. Coloring, on the other hand, is always good, clean fun–and it improves you fine motor skills, which could come in handy next time a buck walks into bow range and your fingers start trembling. I’m a little embarrassed to show you my own art work, but my 4-year-old daughter and her friends don’t mind.


Seriously, this is a fun way to spark young kids’ interest in deer and wildlife in general–and there are several deer-specific coloring pages and books readily available for either nothing or next to nothing, including:
The Benefit4Kids Coloring Book (which offers free printable pages
and the opportunity to make a donation to help fulfill the outdoor wishes of
terminally ill children).
The Big Buck Coloring Page
The Realtree Whitetail Deer Hunting Coloring Book

Okay, boys and girls. Have fun.