Everything’s bigger in Texas, accept maybe the deer harvest–but officials expect that to change this year, after the 2009-2010 season yielded the lowest harvest in a decade.

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_As Texas deer hunting season is underway, many are wondering how this season will fair compared to last years. In the 2009-2010 season, the harvest was the lowest it has been in ten years. but this year, things are expected to pick up. “This year should be very good, we’ve had excellent rains all spring and summer. So another growth this year has been phenomenal. Already we’re hearing some reports of really good deer in archery season.”

The frequent rainfall and antler growth will not only benefit deer hunting this season, but it will also affect the seasons to come.
_”The deer that are born this year have great nutrition their first year. So six or seven years from now when they are adult bucks, they should also be really good then.”

In West Texas and all around the Lonestar State, there are many different types of deer to hunt

“Around Midland, you have white tail deer, and further west you get into mule deer. Mule deer hunting in the Sandhills is very popular. They’ve been getting some very big bucks out there.”

So get the hunting gear ready, because this deer hunting season should be one to remember.

“Hunting has always been an American past time. When you have a good season like this, people make an extra effort to go out and hunt.”_