Whitetail Hunting photo

Yesterday, 27-year-old Brandon Eugene Gregory pleaded guilty to entering a Houston wildlife sanctuary and beheading a tame deer known as “Mr. Buck.” He did not originally claim full responsibility, however.

From the Houston Press’ Hair Balls blog:

Brandon Eugene Gregory [originally] claimed that the beheading was done in self-defense after Mr. Buck attacked him__, despite the fact that a) Gregory showed up with bolt cutters and a bone saw, b) he’d used those bolt cutters to slice his way in through the exhibit’s fence, c) Mr. Buck was very tame, child-friendly, and used to interacting with people, while d) Gregory possesses the sort of haunted thousand-yard stare usually reserved for ex-KGB assassins.

Hair Balls was able to think of no less than ten slightly less. . . insane excuses he could have used.

Be sure to check them out (keeping in mind that the article contains some mild profanity.)

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