From the Helena Independent Record:

_One of Montana’s favorite Wild West traditions — racing onto a Wildlife Management Area on May 15 to collect elk antlers shed during the winter when those areas are off limits to the public — may be changed under a proposal put forth by the state Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department.

_Following a request by FWP Commissioner Ron Moody, the agency is proposing that on the day when the closed Wildlife Management Areas are opened to the public, only foot traffic would be allowed and only two antlers could be collected per person on that day.

Currently, horn hunting at the Sun River Wildlife Management Area [for example] . . . is often is compared to the great Oklahoma land rush, with more than 200 people in vehicles, on horseback, on bikes and on foot . . . [setting forth en mass] over the landscape to hunt for horns [and in some cases disrupting and even exhausting elk]. In addition, people have been known to sneak onto the game ranges after they’re closed, usually in November or December, and stash antlers to pick up once the ranges are legally opened.

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