So we have a four-way tie. That’s right, buddyboy25, ikedogg, mwmrtn, and taylor1 each correctly guessed the actual, to-the-inch, gross-score total of all four bucks, which break down like this:

Buck#2: 151
Buck#3: 170
Buck#4: 211

For a grand total of 685 inches.

There you have it. So, buddyboy25, ikedogg, mwmrtn, and taylor1, you four have a score to settle–namely, the score of this tie-breaker buck:


As before, you need to guess the pictured buck’s gross B&C score. But this time, in order to reduce the likelihood of another tie, fractionals will count. (That doesn’t mean the buck’s actual gross score necessarily includes a fractional. It may or may not.) The one who guesses closest wins the Mathews Z7 bow. Only your first guess counts and you may not guess the same total as any other finalist. I’ll announce the winner next Friday.

As for everyone else, have some fun. Let’s see your guesses. Only the finalist’s will count. But hey, if you get it right you’ll have the pride of knowing that you really do have the skills that might have won you that great new bow had you not screwed up on the first four bucks. I wish we had a consolation prize. Maybe your sister will kiss you.

Seriously, lets all congratulate the finalists and wish them luck. Okay, go for it.