From the Tulsa World:

_Family, dedication and hunting are three things inextricably tied in the life of Greg Koch, and now the Broken Arrow man is taking it all on the road to find America’s best 40 deer hunters. The Kochs will hit a different store roughly every other day from Texas to Florida to Wisconsin and all points between the next two months. But it doesn’t end there. The competitions will follow and then there will be field video work. This kind of deer hunting competition — using gun scopes that take a photo when a blank shot is fired — is a new concept.

__From the kickoff tour to overseeing the first of the competitions, to creating educational deer hunting videos, it will be no small task launching the new organization, dubbed the American Whitetail Authority. Save a week here or there, Greg and Kim Koch and their four children, Colt, 13, Samantha, 7, Mackenzie, 4, and Tucker, 2, will be on the road through December.

If the idea sounds odd to you, you’re not alone. Koch has met some critics, but he said most people like the idea once they learn more. “Deer hunting competition is going to happen,” Greg Koch said. “It’s just been a matter of time and finding the right way to do it.”_

Reaction? Good idea or a travesty? Do you agree that “deer hunting competition is going to happen”?