I don’t normally run a post just to announce the “Shoot-Me-Down” winner. But both buckhunter and 2Poppa did such a good and thorough job of debunking my wild assertion that “Hand Shock Does Not Hurt Accuracy in Modern Compound Bows” that I’m making an exception. They each made essentially the same point but one so insightful that it bears repeating here in case anyone missed it. Basically, they argued that what feels like a very small amount of vibration in the hand when you shoot a modern bow can cause all sorts of problems, from loose sight pins to worn limb pockets, over time–and that absolutely can affect accuracy, as evidenced by 2Poppa’s back-to-back misses at a doe just 20 yards distant.

And for the most part, I’m buying it. (Naturally, I will tell you now that I wasn’t really referring to long-term accuracy. I might even point out that “hand shock” and “vibration” are often used to mean slightly different things, and I should probably note that I keep a close eye out–plus an allen wrench handy–for loose parts through the season for this very reason. But none of that amounts to a hill of sour grapes.) It’s an excellent point anyway you slice it. 2Poppa sliced it with long anecdote, which was nice. But buckhunter sliced it first–and so he is our winner. We look forward to his upcoming guest post.