Yesterday, I put up a post asking a simple question: “Who Is Your Least Favorite Celebrity Deer Hunter?“–which apparently touched a nerve. Far more than the average Joe, celebrity hunters represent all of us and our sport to the larger public. If it is fair to ask what practices and characteristics we like them to portray (essentially, who’s your favorite?) then its likewise reasonable to ask what we don’t want them putting forward (essentially, who’s your least favorite?).

A lot of you made smart, interesting observations. But, you gotta admit, it did turn into a bit of a celebrity bash session. I’ll take some of the heat for that; I could have phrased the question more clearly. But let’s be fair to the celebs–even the ones you don’t like–by considering a great point made by WesMcCormick, who wrote: “I don’t feel bad for these ‘celebrities’ nor will I make excuses for them, but I’m sure the same thing could happen to any of us given the opportunities these folks have.”

It’s easy to rip TV hunters. I’m sure I’ve done it myself. But I’m not sure I’d do much better in their shoes. Did you catch the post about the gobbler I called in for my brother-in-law this spring? I’m telling you, folks: If there’d been a camera on me when Geoff dropped that bird, I’d have looked like a complete @$$. I fist pumped. I said “Yesssssssss” about fourteen times. I even did the lawnmower–a little (see video below). I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what I did. It was 100-percent genuine. But if I’d done it on camera, someone would be telling me to act like I’ve been there before.