Will this buck net more than 176 inches as a nontypical? If so, it will be The Tar Heel State’s new bow-kill non-typ record. John Kellett of Conway arrowed a buck Sept. 15 that could challenge the state-record non-typical white-tailed deer killed in 2005. From the story…

_”I hadn’t seen the deer before,” said Kellett, a 23-year-old senior and baseball player at Chowan University. “But I knew basically there were a lot of nice deer on the back side of the farm I was hunting….”

[A] buck with an amazing rack of antlers stepped onto a creek bank 40 to 45 yards away. Kellett drew back his bow to shoot because the deer was so impressive, but then the monster started walking straight toward him. The hunter waited until the buck reached 15 yards from his stand, and then arrowed the deer behind the right shoulder.

“He ran 50 or 60 yards after I hit him, and I heard him crash,” Kellett said. “After that, I was shaking so bad I couldn’t keep my composure.”

“It’s a main-frame 4×4 with 12 odd points, including two double-drop tines on each main beam,” he said._

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So take your best guess. What do you think it will net?