The state of Indiana is proposing new limits on catfish in response to what it sees as increased pressure on big cats from both commercial and sport anglers.


From this story in the Evansville Courier and Press:
Indiana is proposing to increase the size limit on all catfish (channel, flathead, blue) from 10 to 15 inches in inland rivers (but not the Ohio) and to limit sport anglers and commercial fisherman to a daily limit of one large catfish of each of those three species, which makes the possession limit two. The DNR’s release tsaid the proposals are in response to public concerns regarding increasing harvest pressure on catfish, recently completed catfish research in the Wabash River and “fish management discussions with other Ohio River states.”
_The size limits would soon (30 days after the rule change is filed) be one channel cat in excess of 28 inches, one flathead longer than 35 inches and one blue cat longer than 35 inches. At least one commercial angler, Roy Elder, is not happy about it. “The state’s just trying to push this through on us,” said Elder, of Evansville. “It’s going to make a tough living even tougher. It’s already dog eat dog out there.”

Thoughts? As trophy hunting for big cats gains in popularity, do you think more states will take a look at restricting limits? Should they? Has it already happened in your state?