Big Game Hunting photo

by Chad Love

Many of you are probably familiar with author and former Field & Stream contributor Steve Bodio. There are few – very few – out there who write as well as Bodio on classic shotguns, falconry, dogs, hunting with eagles, cooking, flyfishing, art history, or hell, pretty much anything he puts his mind to. If you haven’t read any of his books go right now and order them. You won’t be disappointed. He is a true outdoor Renaissance man, an essayist of the highest order and a member of that rapidly-disappearing class of literary outdoor writers who actually have something to say. Suffice it to say, Steve Bodio doesn’t do Twitter.

But that’s not to say Bodio is some sort of stuffed-shirt Luddite who can’t appreciate a good laugh. He writes an excellent, eclectic, often funny and far-ranging blog, which is where I found this picture. Bodio didn’t actually “create” the picture. Some anonymous Internet wag with a few Photoshop skills probably found the pic online and decided to have a little fun with it. Bodio does, however, know the man in the photograph and can confirm that yes, he is indeed very very cool. And how does Bodio know the man in the photograph? Because he has made several trips to Mongolia and written extensively about living and hunting with the famous eagle hunters there.

So remember, no matter how many different brands of designer holographic camo, product or lifestyle-branded ballcaps or outdoor “celebrity”-endorsed doodads you amass, you will never be as cool as this man, or Steve Bodio.