A big alligator posted on social media
A big alligator posted on social media Field & Stream Online Editors

–Chad Love

Some people just have a hard time understanding that whole “social” part of the social media process. For example, if you kill a protected animal and then recount your tale of derring-do–complete with pictures–on Facebook, other people will see it. And eventually, word of your exploits will reach beyond your “friends” to people who are most assuredly not going to “like” it…

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A Texas-sized reptile, 12-feet in length, may get some Texas men in trouble after it was found dead last week. And it started with photos posted on Facebook. Game Warden Frederick R. Ensinger told KXAN Austin News an anonymous tip to Operation Game Theft led him to social media sites including Facebook where photos of the dead gator were posted. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department started an investigation to find out where the gator was killed and who did it. “We’re looking at a few individuals involved but probably one individual we’re actually going to file charges on. It kind of depends on circumstances,” said Ensinger. “A couple of the guys are out of town working, were waiting on getting them back into town and I’ll decide what is appropriate.”

Thoughts? Think he’ll spend any time getting “poked” in jail?