Predator Hunting photo

Impatient duffers on this Arizona golf course are well-advised to not play through this particular party…

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A north Scottsdale couple feel lucky to have made a rare sighting of three mountain lions this week on the fourth hole of Desert Mountain Golf Club’s Cochise Course. Desert Mountain resident Linda Borman said she quickly snapped a few photographs on Monday afternoon after her husband, Ty, saw the mother and her two cubs lounging on the fairway of the 546-yard, par-5 hole.
_”Ty has a habit of looking out the window in hopes of seeing something,” Linda said. “They came out after the rain. I think because nobody was out on the golf course at that time.” Tom Cadden, public information officer for Arizona Game and Fish, said mountain lions live throughout the state, most commonly in rocky areas, where people don’t usually see them. According to the Arizona Game and Fish Department, Arizona’s mountain lion population could be as high as 3,000. He said that part of the Valley is home to that species of cat.

It’s nice to know that golf courses are good for at least something besides water-hazard bass and goose hunting in the fairways.