Remember that Humane Society poll that indicated a majority of of Iowans opposed dove hunting?

Apparently Iowa legislators didn’t get the memo, because a measure creating Iowa’s first dove season has passed both houses and will now go to the governor for approval.

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Iowa hunters may be able to legally shoot mourning doves this fall. It’s been illegal to hunt mourning doves for nearly a century in this state, but the Iowa House has endorsed the idea of allowing a dove hunting season here….Governor Branstad has promised to sign the bill into law. “I tell you, I know somebody that wants to be here for the bill signing: my son, Marcus,” Branstad said this afternoon during an interview with Radio Iowa. “He is really excited about this. This kid loves to hunt, a lot of different species, and this is one more.”
_Then, in a rare speech on the House floor this afternoon, Branstad reminisced about dove-hunting debates of the past. “I also was a state representative in 1973 when we brought the dove bill out of committee. I got more hate mail on that issue than anything else,” Branstad said, with a laugh. On Tuesday, the Iowa Senate passed a bill that calls for a dove hunting season in Iowa and today House leaders used a complicated maneuver to pass that same legislation onto Branstad for his signature. Representative Mary Mascher, a Democrat from Iowa City, accused House Republican leaders of rushing the issue through so Iowans wouldn’t have a chance to voice their objections.