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The state of Kentucky is exploring the possibility of opening a sandhill crane season.


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_The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife (KDFW) has announced a proposal currently in process regarding hunting Sandhill Cranes, a species that has not been an option for hunters in the state for decades. According to KDFW officials, Sandhill Cranes are considered a game species in many other states. 2011 is actually the fifth decade that this species has been listed as an option for American hunters. As for the process for the proposal, KDFW says that public input will be reviewed and considered prior to the final decision being made on state and federal regulations. The population of Sandhill Cranes has grown considerably over the past few years. It is currently at a level where officials believe a hunting season will not be detrimental towards the species as a whole.
Reaction? A similar proposal in Tennessee caused enough controversy that a decision on the hunt was postponed for two years. Think Kentucky might have better luck?