Fishing hurts, and PETA wants you to know about it by sponsoring a roadside rest stop in Virginia right outside the city of…Troutville.

From the story in the Roanoke Times:

Gov. Bob McDonnell announced an initiative last week that would allow for sponsorships at Virginia’s highway rest areas to help offset the cost of operating the facilities. And now the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants in on the action. PETA has sent a letter to the Virginia Department of Transportation expressing its interest in sponsoring the Interstate 81 rest stop at mile marker 158 near Troutville and renaming it the “Fishing Hurts” rest area. It also would like to get a reduced sponsorship rate as a nonprofit. And forget about that junk food in the vending machines. The “Fishing Hurts” rest area would have “delicious vegan faux-fish sticks” and other fish-free snacks, according to PETA’s letter. _And for the kids, there would be Sammy the Sea Kitten toys. “Once upon a time, no one thought twice about fishing, but nowadays, given the research into fish sentience and their ability to feel pain, fishing can only be considered a blood sport that causes significant physical and psychological suffering,” reads a portion of the PETA letter.

There was no immediate reaction to the proposal from the state._

Now just stow all your rage, because you know as well as I do that PETA’s right: fishing does hurt. Sunburn, hooks in your ear, getting whacked with a lead weight, convenience store burritos, riding in Joe Cermele’s boat: all these things have the potential to cause much pain and suffering. And besides, if sportsmen raise a stink about this then we’ll never get the opportunity to try a “delicious vegan faux-fish stick.” Mmmmm….