–Chad Love

The guys over on Flytalk are always going on and on about how fly fishing isn’t rocket science. Well here’s a story that proves them wrong.

From the Elko (Nevada) Daily Free Press:
While it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to catch a fish, it obviously helps to break a 39-year-old state record for the largest rainbow trout ever caught in Nevada. Elko angler Mike Mott– who really has worked as a rocket scientist (emphasis mine) — caught the 16-pound, 8-ounce behemoth on Feb.10 at Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge. It measures 301⁄2 inches long. Its girth, according to Mott, is about 20 inches. The previous record, caught by Mike Soskin at Lake Mohave on Dec. 16, 1971, weighed 16 pounds, 4 ounces and measured 311⁄2 inches long. The record goes by weight, and Mott’s fish beats the old record by 4 ounces. “I was fishing a stonefly nymph under a floating line in the oxbow behind the Gallagher Fish Hatchery, when I felt a tug,” said Mott in a recent interview. “At first I thought I had a snag, but once I started stripping in the line I knew it was going to be fun.”

So there you go. It’s right there in indisputable black-and-white: It takes a rocket scientist to catch big trout. So to hell with flyfishing, I’m going back to my baitcasters.