Remember the massive poaching case involving two Texas brothers who guided their clients to hundreds of illegal deer in Kansas?

It looks like the case is coming to an end and guilty pleas are pending. From this story in the Wichita Eagle:
The federal case involving more than 60 hunters from across the nation suspected of poaching deer during guided hunts in Kansas appears headed for guilty pleas. Court records listed change-of-plea hearings Wednesday in Wichita for Camp Lone Star owner James Bobby Butler Jr. and his brother Marlin Jackson Butler, who worked as a guide. The brothers from Martinsville, Texas, were the only defendants charged in a case that involved searches in Louisiana, Texas and Kansas. The government alleges out-of-state hunters illegally killed more than 119 deer during the 2005-2008 hunting seasons. Authorities said the hunters paid $3,500 per hunt with archery equipment and $5,000 per hunt with a firearm. The brothers are charged with conspiracy and the unlawful sale and transport of wildlife. James Butler is also charged with obstruction of justice.

It will certainly be interesting to see what their punishment will be. Anyone care to make a guess or predication?