In a big victory for New York deer hunters as well as the concept of tradition, hundreds of hunting camps on former timber company land – some of them generations-old – can remain under an agreement reached last week.


From this story on North Country Public Radio:
_The Adirondack Park Agency voted on Friday to allow 220 traditional hunting clubs to keep their cabins on the former Champion timber lands in the northern and western Adirondacks. That reverses a decade-old decision struck by state officials that would have evicted the clubs, some of them dating back generations.
_”…In 1999 when the state of New York crafted a conservation deal on the vast Champion timber lands in Franklin, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties, it protected some of the most cherished waterways in the Park, opening them to paddlers and anglers. But in the fine print of that first deal was a provision that eliminated hundreds of traditional hunting clubs whose cabins had sat on timberland for generations. “Most of these racks were here before I came,” said Wilfred Proulz, speaking with NCPR in 1999. He was a member of the Trailz End hunting club that had sat on the bank of the Oswegatchie River since 1944. Proulz himself joined in the early Seventies. “They called it good fellowship. They used to come and they killed a few deers and they played penny-ante poker and nobody got hurt. That’s gone.”

In the years that followed, other conservation easements were drafted differently, so that the vast majority of hunting clubs in other parts of the Park haven’t been disrupted or evicted. But the fate of the Champion hunting clubs, including the Trailz End, has remained a source of bitterness until now. On Friday, the APA voted 8-to-1 to revise the land use permit for the private land portion of the deal, so that a total of 220 cabins will be allowed to remain as leaseholders.
Kudos to the Adirondack Park Agency. It’s nice to see hunting get equal consideration as other recreational activities on public land. Anyone else have a cherished hunting camp on public land?