Here’s one from the “solution looking for a problem” files: The state of Alaska has just banned the use of Tasers and other stun guns while hunting. The reason? To prevent “catch-and-release” hunting, of which there have been no documented instances to date…but, you know…just in case someone gets the urge.

From this story in the Chicago Sun-Times:
The Alaska Board of Game has passed a statewide rule prohibiting the use of stun guns when hunting game or posing with it, in an effort to prevent what state wildlife officials call “catch and release hunting.”
_”Conceivably someone could Taser a moose or bear, go up and get a picture taken with it, shut the (Taser) off and then release the animal,” said Larry Lewis, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologist in Soldotna who wrote the proposal. Lewis said there have been no reports of something like that happening, but with no regulations on the book to outlaw such an action, “it’s ripe for abuse,” Lewis said. “What we wanted to do was kind of head off at the pass any non-trained use of this equipment.” He said he is not aware of any other states that have similar regulations.
Maybe I’m naive, but I was completely unaware there was anyone out there crazy enough to walk up to a moose or bear, tase it, and then try to have a picture taken with it. Do you know anyone who’s ever even thought of doing this?