Survival photo

A Tulsa, Okla. family got quite a surprise when a cat stuck in their backyard tree turned out to be a juvenile mountain lion.

From this story in the Tulsa World:
The female mountain lion, which weighs about 70 pounds and appears to be a juvenile about 1 to 2 years old, was caught after being tranquilized. She was spotted in a tree in a backyard in the 1400 block of north Quanah Avenue. The mountain lion is now in quarantine at the Tulsa Zoo and overall doing well. She ate for the first time Monday. Angela Evans, zoo spokeswoman, said the animal is wary of humans.
_”She may have been a pet, we don’t know. The way she acts toward humans, we’re not sure yet. She’s not comfortable,” Evans said. “She’s extremely combative, extremely stressed.” Once she was sedated and brought to the zoo, staff began treating her for ticks. She doesn’t appear to have any other injuries, but zoo staff will continue to monitor the animal. In about a week after she becomes more acclimated to her surroundings, Evans said, staff will do a full-body x-ray to determine if she has been tagged and examine her for tattoos or any indication that she was a captive animal. They can also run blood tests to see what region of the country the mountain lion is from.

OK, is she A. an escaped pet, or B. a wild lion, or C. the result of a secret U.N. stocking program?