A year after the BP oil spill, fishing charter captains who lost a season’s worth of business are still fighting to make BP pay.

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_If you charter the ‘Searose’ for a day from Dunedin City Marina, you’re bound to catch a bouquet of fish for dinner. Captain Dan Adams, who sits at her controls, says the start to the summer has been good. “We’re right in our season,” explained Adams. But Adams’ small, fishing charter business is still hurting from last summer, when he says he lost 90% of his clients during the Gulf oil spill. His BP claim is in the tens of thousands of dollars.
_The one-year Gulf oil spill anniversary came and went and Adams’ BP claim went unpaid. Then, the check came. “My first check from GCCF since last July and it was for a whopping $14.89 cents,” he said while showing us the check. The nearly $15 check was mailed from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility operated by BP attorney Kenneth Feinberg. It’s marked “statutory interest” for a $5,000 emergency payment Adams received last July but Adams can’t see why they even bothered. “It is an insult and also the fact that, it’s another way they’re just wearing you down,” Adams told us.

40% of the claims BP has paid, which is the majority, fall into the range of $10-25,000. Recently, the GCCF made Adams a final offer of $25,000, substantially below what Adams says he’s owed.